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How to Spot a Fake!

There is Only 1 Original Authentic Twisty Glass Blunt, #7pipe || #PSA: Don't be fooled by fake Twisty knockoffs, they can KILL you! We (7pipe) are the creators of the Twisty™ glass blunt. Many are illegally producing our PATENTED design and claiming it as theirs. Those cheaply made counterfeits have impure materials(lead+magnesium) that can be very harmful to smoke out of! We hear all too often of how the fake Twisty's don't stay lit, are extremely hard to clean, etc... spend an extra $15 to $20 bucks for the real deal 420 friends. Send us DM's of all the fakes you find and we'll give you a $5 OFF coupon!

Thank you, #Team7pipe and

How to Spot a Fake Twisty™

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